Yvonne Beckles Expediting Services is owned by Yvonne E. Beckles, who has over 30 years of experience providing New York permit expediting services to architects, engineers, contractors, and home owners.  She and her contractors assist with obtaining necessary permitting and resolving other issues with the New York City Department of Buildings, Department of Transportation, New York City Environmental Control Board, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Housing Preservation and Development, and the New York City Fire Department.

The experience of Yvonne Beckles Expediting Services in providing top notch New York permit expediting services gives them a nuanced understanding of how the various agencies work and allows them to efficiently and effectively navigate the system on behalf of their clients. Yvonne Beckles Expediting Services is proficient in completing and submitting applications for Alterations Type II and III, demolitions, signs, fire alarms, and many others. We have a keen understanding of how the agencies will evaluate required paperwork and whether a submission is likely to be successful in the short-term or will require more work. And we will advise you about what to expect from the moment that you retain our services so as to limit potential delays or roadblocks to getting the important permits and other documents you may need to complete your project.

NYC Building Permit Services has a reputation for having a high level of expertise, for being honest, and for providing top-quality service in the New York permit expediting industry.

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